Five Easy Ways to Get A Loan

Wall Street Journal recently reported that the recent recession, nearly four out of ten said that they intend to workers 70 years after retirement, except to keep working through the golden years. The survey is only 6% of people who indicated that they will retire between the ages of 50 and 59 Not only bad economics that the demobilization of many people, and it was difficult to find well-paid jobs, which reduce the return on investment is also very important. Some of the best CD rates in the market just to pay 2.5% deposit of five years, and it is unlikely that savings rates of more than 1% of the therapy. April 2011 inflation rate of 3.16%, this means that it is impossible for the vast majority of deposit accounts to keep up with inflation. So what's the investor to do? You may want to consider investing in such loans a club social club on loan.

Here's how it works. From individual borrowers seeking loans through the Lending Club, in everything from holiday credit card consolidation. Club level of risk for the loan to the borrower, based on things like the size of his income credit, and so on. Borrowers pay a fee of Genesis to 2.00% to 5.00% of the loan amount, depending on the size of loans based on credit rating. One set for April to borrowers for a loan based on credit ratings, and determine their own risk. Since the club pregnancy loans at very low cost, and borrowers often are unable to obtain financing at lower interest rates than traditional banks to provide. Sign borrowers, the amount of their bank account Loan Club. This loan is deposited into your account, and payments to automatically deduct the monthly payment on the same account as well.

People can invest in loans to borrowers prior review. Provide loans to credit policies of the club results in less than 10% of loan applicants on the list of loans, so that investors can be sure to borrowers with good credit and are usually low risk. Investors received an average 9.64% therapy and $ 23,067,087 in proceeds paid to investors from 6/2/2/2011.

You can invest in two ways. For maximum control, you can see the notes to borrow and individual borrowers who want to choose to invest in alternative, you can use a tool of the loan portfolio, submitted to the club to help you develop a diversified portfolio in a few seconds. Of course, as the case may be, regular investment, diversification helps you manage the risks as well. Foreign country club, which has suffered from both investors and others in which the notes have to borrow 800 or more positive returns on their total investment.

Of course, this is still a part of the investment risk is, like all investments are not FDIC insured. Club for the loan in accordance with the newsletter is filled with the Commission for Securities and Stock Exchange. Before you invest, you should read their newsletter to make sure you fully understand the investment you are making. While investors in the past received a solid rate of return on your investment loan club (and get along for rewarding knowing that help the individual eligible borrower in an emergency), it is important to understand all the conditions and risks associated with any investment, before deciding for investment.